Baseball Opening Day!

Baseball is BACK!!! It’s Opening Day and this makes the whole family happy.

Have you ever:

  1. Been to Opening Day?
  2. Caught a baseball?
  3. Met a baseball player?
  4. Had your face on the scoreboard for any reason at all (dancing in the aisles, kiss-cam, etc…)


  1. Don’t really care about baseball one way or another but I did win a trip on a chartered jet to a 7th game in a World Series playoff about 20 years ago.
    I coudn’t even tell you who was playing now.


  2. None of the above. The only sport I pay any attention to is women’s basketball. I’m glad you enjoy your baseball, though.


  3. Yes to them all.
    1) I haven’t been to Opening Day in a few years though. It is always too cold and packed that I found I didn’t enjoy it as much as waiting a week or two.
    2) I caught a ball that went into the seats in the right field area two years ago.
    3) Many. As a kid, we’d show up during batting practice, and I’d take my 18 – 20 year old sisters with me to get autographs. I always got piles of them.
    4) Last year my husband and I were on it in Miller Park.


  4. No; in the days when I was such a baseball fan, the most I could hope for was to get to a game. (Before the days of the pictures on the scoreboard.) I did once plan my vacation so that I could see a game in Los Angeles, instead of hoping for a day when the Dodgers came to New York.

    I have written about baseball, back in the days when major league baseball did not have capital letters and when we were lucky to see a game live — in black and white!


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