1. Bookkeeping and banking. (Oh, yeah, Banque de la Mom still exists.)
    Everyday science, that is, what will work for cooking or recycling, etc.
    Keeping my mouth shut. (…and so I write.)


  2. Knitting questions (used to be sewing, but we don’t do that much anymore).
    Painting questions.
    Family history questions (I’m about the oldest one left, but unfortunately, I don’t know many of the answers).


  3. Basic level Photo Shop
    Google searching (People come to me with so many questions easily answered by doing a Google search that I think some people need a class in it!)


  4. Knitting problem solving (I fix projects for co-workers at least weekly)
    Camera questions (aperture vs ISO vs shutter)
    Grammar questions (You just can’t tell by my blog)


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