1. I couldn’t do it; if it isn’t a small, uncomplicated car, I won’t even try any more. It’s only a couple of miles, but as I visualize the route, I am not even sure a tractor could negotiate all of those streets. And I probably would be stopped for driving an unregistered vehicle, because we don’t register that equipment for public streets.


  2. I doubt that I could drive a tractor (although I could have an opportunity at our daughter’s house). The nearest grocery is about 1.5 miles, but it’d probably take me hours just to get up and out of my driveway. 8^)


  3. Been there, done that, actually.
    It would take about an hour.
    We live in out the country and we see all manner of bizarre transportation..scooters, donkey carts, bicycles, golf carts, and yes, even lawn tractors.


  4. I definitely could. I actually learned how to drive a stick on a big farm tractor.

    How long it takes depends on the type of tractor. Are we talking riding lawn mower or full sized farm tractor? Either way, it wouldn’t take me long, as the store is a half-mile away. So maybe 20 minutes round-trip if I were taking it slowly and waving to all the rubberneckers passing by.


  5. I probably could, if someone gave me lessons. I have no problem driving a stick shift. THe store is just a few blocks away so it would not take long


  6. We have a riding lawn tractor and could drive it to the grocery store if I wanted too, it might take about 45 minutes to get there, but I’d only need to make a couple of turns. Ours is a automatic, so all I need to do is sit down and press the start button.

    Now, if I had my work’s lawn tractor, it’s one of those speedy zippy things without a steering wheel and instead has this two handle steering thingamajigs on the side — it’s faster and I could definitely cut my time in half, but I’d probably crash into a mailbox (or five).


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