Local authors

Do you ever choose to read books written by local authors (or authors who write using locations you’ve visited) because they include places in their books that you recognize?


  1. Yes. I was even in a book club who selected a book once for this purpose and had the author come. Unfortunately, the book was terrible. I also read books set in places I’ve been or am going to go. We went to Botswana during our trip to South Africa, for example, because I was reading the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.


  2. oh definitely/ I love reading books set in San Francisco (haven’t found a book set in Davis!) or any place I’ve visited. I also like books written by people I know where I can see their personalities show through.


  3. No..I find it particularly annoying when a local author attempts to make a quirky location a running “character” in a book.


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