1. I used to enjoy the big screen a lot more until people starting treating the cinema like it was their own lounge room.

    People seem to think nothing of chatting throughout a movie or checking their phones. If people could remember how to respect others in the cinema it would improve the experience greatly.


  2. People here in this small town are polite in the theaters, so I love seeing movies on the big screen, but we almost never do it, so I”m happy with my new big screen TV.


  3. I think people chat at movies because they’ve become accustomed to watching in their own homes. I confess to doing that myself, because as you know, my opinions are very important. 8-)

    But the main reasons I would rather watch at home are (1) no one coughs on me and (2) I don’t have to clean the bathroom before I use it. Creature comforts. And the snacks are cheaper.


  4. I prefer it at home but hate to wait to see something. I get tired of the up-down of people going for their third ginormous refill of popcorn and constant chatter. And this makes me sound old, but some of the ultra screens are way too loud. I do like the local eat and watch theater, though.


    1. I agree with you on the volume. Same goes for theater. You haven’t lived till you’ve had to sit through “Sound of Music” live with a mic set at ear shattering levels!


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