Favorite memories

This question comes from the Daily Prompt at The Daily Post @ WordPress

Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

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5 Responses to Favorite memories

  1. Bev says:

    You mean like “misty, water-colored memories” ? The sweetest for me are all within the past 30 years, some farther, some nearer.


  2. maryz says:

    I like them all.


  3. Sweet haze covered memories, they always appear better than they were


  4. Jennifer says:

    The older ones evoke emotions, so make them more meaningful


  5. l'empress says:

    I have too sharp a memory to pick specific times as best. I love watching my son as father to his daughters, but it doesn’t detract from the delightful little boy he was.


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