Public Opinion: Conceal carry

Yesterday my daughter and I were getting pedicures at a local nail salon when a couple came in, the man walked past me and I noticed that tucked into the back of his jeans was a handgun. I’m sure that there are probably concealed weapons around me many times, however this really shook me up and my reaction was to leave as soon as possible. I probably wouldn’t have been as alarmed if he had his gun holstered properly, but stuck in the back of his pants was very unsettling.

How would you have reacted?


  1. I grew up around guns. Everyone hunted. Deer hunting season is an event that was an excused absence from school. I was taught how to shoot a gun by 5 and not much after, allowed to go walk in the woods and shoot stuff. That said, concealed carry, especially in an urban area, is the craziest thing ever. It’s just so unnecessary and extreme. So I’d probably have reacted similarly, if not actually gotten up and left entirely. We want our lives to be safer, but tote threatened violence as a path to that? I don’t get the logic.


    1. That top coat on my toenails couldn’t get applied fast enough, but I sent my daughter to go wait for me in the car. I kept thinking in my head, what motive is there to get a manicure and bring along a gun??


  2. I would have left (if at all possible), and told the proprietors why I was leaving.

    There was a news story here a while back about whether or not people should be allowed to carry guns in churches. I responded that I wouldn’t want to go to a church where I felt I needed a gun. And immediate response from someone was that he wouldn’t want to go to a church where he couldn’t carry a gun.

    I have no problem with hunting and/or “long guns”, but the hand-gun/automatic weapon philosophy just leaves me.


  3. I have thought about this since the photo of two guys carrying rifles through Target started appearing on the internet. My father carried a gun for his job and once used it (threatened with it) on someone breaking into our house. However, if I saw someone carrying a gun into a business where I was shopping, I would do as Mary did–leave and let the proprietor know why I was leaving and that I would not be back until guns were banned from the establishment. My sister was murdered with a gun, and I am NO gun advocate. This Wild West mentality we seem to be developing in this country scares me.


  4. Reaction? For starters, I would have to bite my tongue, lest I start talking about the playground they dedicated in our city on Father’s Day (memorial to one of the Newtown children). Or before I mentioned that I hate being blackmailed by the NRA.

    Yes, leaving is a good idea, and explaining to the management of the establishment is even better.


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