1. Loads of times. I used to commute to Detroit weekly, so the frequent flyer miles I accrued got me to a point where I got upgraded on every flight. We got first class Atlanta-South Africa because I was pregnant and they felt sorry for me that they delayed our flight by a day. We got first class Tokyo – San Francisco because they were overbooked to Portland and needed someone to take a different flight. Now THOSE two flights were great.


  2. The beginning and the end. The first time I flew to California — I was about 23 — the deal was that if a man flew first class, he could bring his wife and kids for half price. I went with my parents, and I paid a third of the total cost, because even though I looked about eighteen, I was already a working woman. (In the 1960’s, first class was really first class — including a four-course dinner with champagne!)

    About fifteen years ago, my son took me to California to see my aging aunts, the last time I would get to see them. We got bumped up to first class, with mimosas for breakfast, all very nice, but it didn’t measure up to TWA forty years previous.)


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