1. I think I’d take our family and friends to a big house on the beach – all meals prepared, clean-up, etc., with wonderful weather the whole time.


  2. Is this a contest? can I win? I’d go to Africa and visit several preserves and see all the big animals, stay in glamorous hotels. (A friend of mine went to s. Africa and her room overlooked the watering hole!) Of course Walt would go with me. He’d love it as long as he didn’t have to pay.

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  3. I would take an all-expenses paid trip for me and my family to sail the Greek and Turkish Isles. The boat would be complete with a captain to sail it, and a cook to make the meals.


  4. This is gonna sound stupid, but given the circumstances…Las Vegas.

    My Middle Daughter lives there; she’s been in Nevada for eight years now. They came back once, for her mother-in-law’s funeral. I’ve always been close to my kids, and I miss her like crazy. She suffers from several autoimmune conditions, and I would let her choose whatever sounds good to her on whatever day.


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