1. I can’t remember. I usually get lost going to a new place. I never get BADLY lost, just a little lost, so it’s more an irritant than stressful. (I get less lost now that I have a GPS)


  2. It was a long, long time ago, and I remember how scared I was when I first realized I was lost. But then I realized I couldn’t be TOO lost, and it was okay.


  3. In May, the GPS took us down some back roads back to our house. We weren’t lost, but down some roads we’d never been on. It took us to Waldo, which was ironic.


  4. Long ago, it used to be a sort of game, once I got past the “you can get lost faster in a car.” I kept track of where I was going whenever I took an unfamiliar route, and usually went back and reread the maps afterwards. It was so long ago I had forgotten. You seldom get lost if you don’t go anywhere.


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