1. Let me start at the end. if I person I knew changed a lot and not in a good way, we could no longer be close friends. Because if there is one way I have changed, it is that I will not punish myself for the faults of others.

    I suspect that my cousin D, with whom I was very close for years, has changed a lot. I am not sure, because we’ve really fallen out of touch. Her life is different from mine; perhaps my views upset her. I shall never know.


  2. We all change – me probably more than most… at least I hope so. I agree with l’empress, sometimes people change heading in opposite directions – and then just are out of touch.


  3. My husband has changed quite a bit since I’ve known him. He’s become much more serious, which is both good and bad. Vacations away from work tend to bring out the fun in him.


  4. It would have to be my mother, whose dementia has turned her into a person I recognize and can talk with, but who is not the mother I’ve known all of my life. I’m happy she is still in my life, but desperately wish I could have a conversation with her that doesn’t revolve around whether or not I think she is going to live to be 100 (she will be 95 in September)


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