Weekend Q and A


152322541This is the Weekend Q&A game and this is how you play: The person before you has asked you a question. You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc….. You are encouraged to participate often!

I’ll start:

How are your juggling skills?

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6 Responses to Weekend Q and A

  1. basykes says:

    Non existent.

    What’s your favorite cheese?


  2. maryz says:

    I like almost all cheeses. For special, eating-for-its-own-sake, make it a bleu or Roquefort or other “stinky” cheese.

    What’s your favorite fruit?


  3. l'empress says:

    What I learned to call summer fruits, though they’re available — for a price — all year now. Berries, cherries, grapes, plums, watermelon.

    But I can do a lot with apples. 8-)


  4. basykes says:

    Since l’empress didn’t ask a question, I’ll turn her last sentence into a question:

    what is your favorite thing to do with apples?


  5. Jennifer says:

    Put them in a pie.

    You’re in the chips aisle. Which one do you buy?


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