1. I’ve toured the White House twice, the first time during the Kennedy administration and I can’t remember when the second time was. The difference in the two tours was amazing…and sad. In the 1960s we had no metal detectors, we saw more of the house (got to see the Oval office, now no). Both times we went on the “special tour” which is at the invitation of your local congressperson (anybody can get a special ticket; you just have to ask) so it wasn’t so crowded, as I suspect the regular tours would be. I have no desire to go again. But I’m glad I went in the 1960s.


  2. I have always wanted to, but I never got to Washington, DC. As time goes on, it is less and less likely. (I’m glad I can read.) I think I would like to see the “behind the scenes” work for a special occasion.


  3. Several times. In college, I was a congressional intern pre-9/11, so could get the good tickets. I really liked seeing the library where they hold the one-on-one heads of state meetings. I’d really like to see the private quarters, but that’s not ever happening.


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