Wrainbow Wednesday


If you could describe your mood in a color today, what color would it be?


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4 Responses to Wrainbow Wednesday

  1. basykes says:

    Oh today it would be the whole spectrum. Our DAUGHTER is here! I haven’t seen her yet–she and her husband are still asleep, but we are in the same house! (I had to review a show last night, so wasn’t here when she arrived and she was asleep by the time I got home)


  2. maryz says:

    Sweltering red (temp predicted to be in the mid 90s with high humidity)


  3. Jennifer says:

    Kind of ochre. A little jittery, a little meh.


  4. l'empress says:

    Silver, I think. My windows face east, and I get to see the sun rise. The last two mornings have been foggy, especially yesterday — which I realize was Wednesday.


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