All About You

  • Are you currently on a diet?
  • Do you think kittens are cuter than puppies?
  • Would you rather quit your job or be fired?
  • If you could, which ocean would like to swim in?

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4 Responses to All About You

  1. l'empress says:

    * I watch what I eat, but I am no way on a diet.
    * All baby animals are cute (so their parents will care for them instead of eating them). I still love puppies (probably because I don’t have one), but I am currently against kittens. (I spent too many years having to share my bathroom.)
    * I would rather be fired. There are employers who will insult you into quitting so that they don’t have to pay unemployment taxes.
    * I always wanted to swim in the South Pacific. Is there such a thing as an anti-Bucket List?

  2. Lindy says:

    1. I’m on a gluten-free and working towards paleo diet for my autoimmune thyroid disease.
    2. Comparing kitten to puppy cuteness, puppies win in my book.
    3. Only quit if you have something better to go to. Otherwise, fired, for the reason l’empress stated above.
    4. It would be a close tie between the South Pacific and Indian oceans.

  3. Bev says:

    * I am not on a diet, but should be
    * Nothing cuter than puppies…but kitten have their moments!
    * I have quit and I have been fired. Quitting is better–you do it on your own terms and there are no hurt feelings.
    * I would love to swim in the Indian ocean. I have stuck my TOE into the Indian ocean, but did not swim.

  4. Jennifer's says:

    No diet currently
    Puppies are the best
    Quitting is better for your self esteem, for sure
    The Indian is the best, but I’ll go with Southern since I have never done it.

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