Would you ever

All about you

  1. Would you rather be first or last?
  2. Do you think revenge is worth it?
  3. Would you ever roll through a stop sign in the middle of the night in a ghost town if you knew for sure you wouldn’t get caught?
  4. Which did you prefer: The Mary Tyler Moore Show or That Girl?
  5. Be honest, have you ever drank straight from the milk carton when no one was looking?

Would You Ever ???

Question Mark GraffitiPhoto credit: Bilal Kamoon

This is the Would You Ever ??? game and this is how you play. The person before you has asked Would You Ever ??? You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a Would You Ever ??? question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc…..

Easy enough, right?

Would you ever play the drumroll live on stage with your favorite band during a concert?