Express Yourself

What is your favorite expression?

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10 Responses to Express Yourself

  1. i’m at that special age.

  2. Kara says:

    Shpadoinkle! It’s all purpose.

  3. wildbill says:

    If you’re surprised at that- you’re the Only one!

    wildbills last blog post..

  4. Brenda says:


    Brendas last blog post..Where does the time go?

  5. Sunny says:

    (Said with the all the disdain and angst of a fifteen year old girl.)

    Sunnys last blog post..Created a Monster

  6. Shannon H. says:

    I also like to say “Whatever”. and “Bull Hockey”, “horse shit” and “and” *with a raised eyebrow!

    Shannon H.s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #2: TV Shows

  7. caron says:

    I always say “I’m a bit disconcerted by that”

    carons last blog post..Little Sisters Really Do Listen

  8. melly says:

    I’ve taken to quoting the movie Juno. A lot, I’m afraid.
    Hells yes!

    mellys last blog post..this is just how i felt

  9. Shannon says:

    Being your average, ordinary 14 year old, my expressions of choice are “Whatever”, “Wow…”, “Well, that’s disconcerting.” and “That’s weird…”

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