Did you watch the Grammy’s?

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7 Responses to Grammy’s

  1. maryz says:

    Nope – rarely watch award shows.

  2. l'empress says:

    I turned it on for a while, turned to something else, tuned in again… I didn’t hear anything I could relate to. Where was the music?

  3. Bev says:

    I watched until Downtown Abby came on. First time I’d ever watched and found it interesting mainly because I finally got to see what musicians whose names I hear looked like. Nice tributes to Whitney Houston, tho.

  4. Lindy says:

    Didn’t watch *any* TV last night.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Just when people posted on Facebook that the Foo Fighters were on. Otherwise, Facebook was annoyingly up to date on it, so I watched old episodes of Psych instead.

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