If you had to ….

If you had to could you be on Trading Spaces as an interior decorator?

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7 Responses to If you had to ….

  1. Bev says:

    I once wrote that decorator Christopher Lowell could stand in a doorway and throw things into a room and it would look better than the result of my week-long attempt to decorate our guest bedroom. Does that answer your question?

  2. oh yeah, have you seen some of those terrible rooms they’ve done. i could do it, on a budget, oh yeah!

  3. Sunny says:

    I also read that Hildi, who is famous for putting bizarre things on the walls and calling it interior design was sued for the room where she glues straw onto a wall.
    (It was a horrible, hideous nightmare).
    And I have seen pictures of her own apartment which is all pristeen white.
    (What a aurprise)

    The question? Could I be a designer?
    If all I had to do was find something ugly to glue all over a wall and call it art, then yeah, sure. Why not?

    If I actually had to utilize the space and make a functional. attractive room on a limited budget, maybe not so much.

  4. va bene says:

    Not in a million years

  5. Shannon H. says:

    Only if they let me hire a lot of consultants! I would not be able to do it on my own.

  6. laane says:

    You can find my answer on my site.

    I’m just the one you need. LOL!

  7. Vicki says:

    With the right amount of cash, yes. I love that stuff.

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