It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! Today I’m off of work and will be spending the day with my daughter. When is your birthday and what do you like to do on your birthday?

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13 Responses to It’s My Birthday!

  1. Kara says:

    My birthday is in November & given how the last couple have turned out, I no longer celebrate it.

  2. Sunny says:

    My birthday is October 26, the same as Hillary Clinton, of all people.

    We usually go out to lunch and I demand expensive and extravagant presents.

    Sunnys last blog post..Created a Monster

  3. Brenda says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Mine is May 26. It’s usually on or right around Memorial day, so most of the time I don’t get to do what I would like since it’s the holiday.
    This year I was up in MN to visit my friend. We went down to the Mississippi River that day and went out for food and drinks.

    Brendas last blog post..Where does the time go?

  4. Bev says:

    Mine is February 17. It’s not usually much of a big deal. Sometimes my husband will take me out to dinner. I usually get together with my mother for lunch somewhere. The kids call.

    Bevs last blog post..

  5. Bev says:

    P.S. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!!

    Bevs last blog post..

  6. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Mine is 10/13

    I would also like the day off and have lunch or dinner at Maggiano’s…yumm!

    Sandras last blog post..Body Image…Puertorican style.

  7. Shannon H. says:

    Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!

    *happy dance*

    My birthday is October 13th…I am going to be 38! Where has the time gone. I have the day off from work so I will probably just set at home and do nothing all day :)

    Shannon H.s last blog post..3x Thursday: Life and Things

  8. RC says:

    Happy birthday! My day is in February, and I love to spend the day just relaxing.

    RCs last blog post..Talk Dirty to Me

  9. happy birthday!

    mine is in january, the weather is always lousy and i would either go out for lunch with my husband or if he’s working, i’ll hook up with a gf and then do some shopping as well. my husband and kids always look after the cake, which we have after dinner and depending on the kids schedule, dinner is sometimes just a quick bowl of cereal.

  10. w8agt says:

    Happy Birthday!

    My birthday is in October. I don’t do too much out of the ordinary on my birthday. My wife usually makes me a cake and makes a delicious dinner. (I do the same for her on her birthday which is tomorrow BTW.)

    w8agts last blog post..Compact Fluorescent Recycling

  11. Clara says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Mine is 4/27. BTW, I was born at 4:27 AM. :-)

    We usually go out to dinner with friends. When I turned 50, 4 of my girlfriends threw me a fabulous party! First one I’d had since I turned 16.

    Claras last blog post..Holiness – by Henry Blackaby

  12. Gina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Mine is April 25th and I like to go out to eat somewhere sort of nice.

    Ginas last blog post..Scrumptious Sunday

  13. Happy Belated!

    My birthday is this coming Tuesday. No plans yet.

    SilverNeurotics last blog post..When a Stranger Knocks

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