Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming tonight!Photo credit: Mukumbura

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S

Did Santa Claus visit last night? Were you on the nice or the naughty list?

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7 Responses to Santa Claus

  1. Brianna says:

    Yes! Omg I’m so excited for today! But its only 5am D: I cannot wait to see what I got this year! God, I sound like a toddler xD lol.

  2. l'empress says:

    Remember, I wasn’t brought up on the Santa story. And Hanukkah was a couple of weeks ago.

  3. maryz says:

    Guess we were naughty. Nothing going on around here.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Santa did come, and brought too much, as usual. Even my son looked around and said, “Wow, I am too lucky!”

  5. Bev says:

    If we’re basing this on how my pie baking went last night, I’d have to say “naughty,” but so far Christmas morning has been OK, so maybe I have a chance to be on the “nice” list.

  6. Shannon W. says:

    I received a few gifts so I guess I was nice this year.

  7. Lindy says:

    I was definitely on the nice list although it was a challenge!

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