10 of your favorite things

My daughter gave me a quiz last night to see how well I knew her, and the last question was to list 10 of HER favorite things.

10 of my favorite things are:

  1. My pets (including Josie because I’m a sucker).
  2. Strong coffee, freshly brewed.
  3. Orange blossom honey (OMG! So delicious!).
  4. White popcorn with real butter and lots of salt on it.
  5. Clean sheets. (Specifically put on my bed by someone else)
  6. My slippers.
  7. Yoga pants.
  8. My family.
  9. My iPad (specifically the ABC Player and the Netflix apps).
  10. Pizza, chocolate chip ice cream, Cabernet Sauvignon and parmesan cheese. (not all at once though)

What are 10 of YOUR favorite things?