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So I took a few days off

I took a few days off from blogging, work has been really busy with new employees, management meetings, insurance meetings, economic meetings, business planning meetings, and during my non-working hours I was at the Milwaukee Film Festival. Yesterday I FINALLY … Continue reading

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Unsubscribing seems like a never ending task. How much time do you think you spend unsubscribing to things on the internet?

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Hidden moolah

Do you have a secret bank account or a rainy day fund?

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Road trip agreements … or not

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awhile before my family takes another road trip, but when we are road tripping we seem to fight the most about where we go for coffee (I like to find a decent coffee … Continue reading

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Projects and more projects

I’ve got so many projects that I’d like to get done, one of them being painting my family room, dining room and kitchen (all connected, open concept floor plan) a different color. The task isn’t mandatory, but the more I … Continue reading

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