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High school friends

Do you keep in contact with friends from high school? Is it just a casual friendship, or are you involved in each others lives?

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Filling up

How much is it currently costing you to fill up your car with fuel? Do you select the grade of gas based on price?

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Ideal temperature

It’s hot and humid today, which is not my ideal temperature. I prefer something around 72 degrees without humidity. What is your ideal outdoor temperature?

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All day meeting

I’m attending an all day seminar today, which I’m semi interested in but have been told is information overload. I’m mostly concerned about what they are serving for lunch and that my iPad is fully charged. What are you up … Continue reading

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In the wrong drawer

Every once in a while we find something in the wrong drawer and it’s all OH, SO THAT’S WHERE THAT WAS! What have you found in the wrong drawer? Who put it there?

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