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World Series

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants! Did you watch game 7 of the World Series? Do you prefer it when a sporting event goes to all of the games, or when there’s a sweep at the beginning?

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We have the Olympics on most of the time and the only thing we change the channel for is the ice skating. What Olympic events are you most interested in, or not interested in?

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Bowling scores

I’m a terrible bowler. When we were first married my husband and I bowled on a league, but that didn’t last very long because neither of us could handle the amount of cigarette smoke. Thankfully, smoking isn’t allowed indoors anymore, … Continue reading

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March Madness!

How are your brackets doing so far during the NCAA men’s tournament?

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Super bowling

Do you plan on watching the Super Bowl? And just for fun, when was the last time you were bowling and what’s your average score? (I’m lucky to get above 75 …..)

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