17 innings

I like to stay at the baseball game until the game is over, you never know what could happen at the last minute right. My husband likes to leave the game right before it’s over, like a half an inning, just so we can get out of the parking lot easier. Yesterday’s Brewers game against the Diamondbacks went to 17 innings (we watched from home) — what is the most amount of innings you’ve been to a baseball game for? Are you early leavers of any kind of sporting event, or do you wait it out until the game is really over?

Bowling scores

I’m a terrible bowler. When we were first married my husband and I bowled on a league, but that didn’t last very long because neither of us could handle the amount of cigarette smoke. Thankfully, smoking isn’t allowed indoors anymore, however I’m still a lousy bowler.

How are your bowling skills?