Survivors are you ready? GO!

For those who are watching Survivor, tonight is the finale! Didn’t this season go by quickly? Praise God and thank you to Jesus for there even being a Survivor tv show to watch …. #sarcasm #tongueincheek #pleasenomoreprayingonrealitytv

Here are my thoughts:

Albert: He really crashed and burned last week, but he came back! And then — talking Brandon into giving him the immunity idol! OMG. GENIUS! I think he could win, I’d be okay with it.

Sophie: She’s played a flawless game!

Rick: Wait a second. Who is Rick? And was last week the first time we ever heard him speak? In the words of Big Brother Rachel: Floaters get your life vests! If Rick wins I will be disappointed.

Coach: HOW is Coach even still there? Why didn’t they vote him off sooner??? Sure, he’s played a pretty good game, but there is a part of me that will be really disappointed if a previous player wins this game. That said. He totally deserves to win.

Brandon: O.M.G. What a train wreck Brandon is to watch. There is zero chance of him coming back from Redemption Island. Zero. But if he does …. well he better not. That’s the last thing we need is to have Russell Hantz’s nephew to win this game. The End.

Ozzy: Brilliant decision to go to Redemption Island! At first I thought it was stupid, but it’s really worked out well for him. Same statement as above, there’s a part of me that would be disappointed if a previous player wins this game, but Ozzy looked a Redemption Island in a new way and it’s working for him. Go Ozzy!!!!

Who are you rooting for to win?