Turning the Tables: New Home

Shannon asked me on Sunday:

I have been in Wisconsin (USA) for a week now and we are heading home to Missouri tomorrow.  I have had an awesome time here and would love to live here.

Have you visited anywhere lately that you would like to live?

Fish Creek, Wisconsin, aka Door County. We were there in June, LOVE IT! We go there quite a bit, usually once a year.

What about you, where have you visited that you’d like to live?

Turning the Tables: Best Buy for Under $20

Sunny asked me:

About a year ago, hubby and I bought a Cold Steel knife called a “Roach Belly” and it has been one of the best purchases we have made. It is very high quality and we use it every single day. Surprisingly, it was only $14.95 and we are astonished at what a great purchase it was.
What was the best thing you’ve bought for under $20?

The best thing I’ve ever bought for under $20? Gosh, you are really making me think back to everything I’ve bought. I’d have to say my CamelBak water bottle. It hold 24 oz, and I carry it with me everywhere I go, and I refill it many many times throughout the day. It was well worth the $17 or $18 I paid for it. (Now, if you had asked me what the best thing I’ve bought for under $300 I’d have said my iPod Touch.)

Your turn: What was the best thing you’ve bought for under $20?

Turning the Tables: Wild Life

wildbill has asked me:

Do you feed wild birds,deer or other animals?

I don’t, but that’s because I have two big dogs and they’d cause such a ruckus in the house if we had a feeder. We do have a family of turkeys that live across the street in the industrial park, and my neighbors through the backyard have feeders out for them. We have a fenced-in back yard, so we don’t feed the turkeys too, but we do enjoy watching them. One morning I woke up, stumbled to the backdoor still half asleep and just as I let my dog out I noticed the turkey was IN OUR BACK YARD. I was terrified that my Boxer would maul it, but that turkey flew up and over the fence, and ran back across the street (looking both ways first, seriously) to safety.

Any you? Do you feed wildlife?

Turning the Tables: TV Channel

Shannon H. has asked me:

What is your favorite channel to watch on TV?

I’m going to say ABC, just because that is the channel that Lost is on. But if we are talking guilty pleasures here, then it’s MTV, because I get sucked into The Real World and those Real World/Road Rules Challenges like it’s nobodys business! My husband tells me I have to start acting my age. Whatever.

What about you?

Turning the Tables: Questions

JM asked:

How do you come up with all these questions?

Well, I just do. There are days that I can’t think of anything, and days that I’ve got more than I need. Funny thing is that the questions that I think are pretty boring and think will get a low response, actually turn out to be pretty popular.

How about you, how do come up with things to write about?

Turning the Tables: New Adventure

Sunny has asked me:

How far would you go to start a promising new business even though you weren’t 100% sure it was going to fly? Would you sell your house? Relocate your family? Rent a house and and office? Spend a ton of money on repairs and new equipment? Try to make new contacts in a new town? And how would you keep everyone happy while your new business was getting off the ground?

Seeing as I work in a family business and spent my entire work week with my parents and my brother, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t leave to start my own adventure somewhere else. I wouldn’t sell my house, and I wouldn’t relocate my family unless I was taking my entire extended family with me. Now, we’ve talked from time to time about moving to an island where the SCUBA divers in the family could take divers out, and the rest of us could run something like a bed and breakfast or a bookstore/coffee shop. I’d be up for that, because it would mean that I’d still be spending my days with the people that I do now, and no one would be left behind to run the family business while I went off on my own adventure. I’m pretty confident that if we were living on an island somewhere warm (and the entire family was there, my parents, my brother and his family and then my family) then it’d be pretty easy to keep everyone happy.

Okay, your turn, what would you do?