The coffee shop question

Photo: Facebook Question: If you had a coffee shop what would you call it?

I posed this question on the Facebook Page, but no one responded, so here it is.

If you had a coffee shop what would you call it?

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5 Responses to The coffee shop question

  1. l'empress says:

    “Just Coffee.” I have an aversion to all the overflavored, overgarnished, oversized coffees. I would just as soon have black coffee and a sweet roll as to put cream and sugar and chocolate with a whipped topping and decorations in a cup and call it coffee.

  2. maryz says:

    I always loved the coffee shop on “Frasier”, so I’ll use that. Cafe Nervosa

    • Indigo says:

      I watched Frasier but never picked up on the coffee shop name, or didn’t pay any attention to it. That’s brilliant! LOL!

  3. Lindy says:

    Hard to beat Cafe Nervosa, so I’ll go with The Java Joynt.

  4. Jennifer's says:

    Rysewykistan – after my last name. Although I would probably have to spell it Risewickastan for anyone to say it right.

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