Turning the Tables: Best Buy for Under $20

Sunny asked me:

About a year ago, hubby and I bought a Cold Steel knife called a “Roach Belly” and it has been one of the best purchases we have made. It is very high quality and we use it every single day. Surprisingly, it was only $14.95 and we are astonished at what a great purchase it was.
What was the best thing you’ve bought for under $20?

The best thing I’ve ever bought for under $20? Gosh, you are really making me think back to everything I’ve bought. I’d have to say my CamelBak water bottle. It hold 24 oz, and I carry it with me everywhere I go, and I refill it many many times throughout the day. It was well worth the $17 or $18 I paid for it. (Now, if you had asked me what the best thing I’ve bought for under $300 I’d have said my iPod Touch.)

Your turn: What was the best thing you’ve bought for under $20?

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2 Responses to Turning the Tables: Best Buy for Under $20

  1. Shannon H. says:

    I cant think of anything that I currently use that is under $20

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  2. wildbill says:

    My Coby 1 GB MP3 player. Light compact USB

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