Two Choices


This is the Two Choices game and this is how you play. I’ll give you Two Choices, simply make your choice and then offer Two Choices for the next person, etc…Easy enough, right?

Here are the choices for the first person:

AM/PM or military time?

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10 Responses to Two Choices

  1. l'empress says:

    Who am I talking to? I like the idea of military time, but I’m usually talking to people who aren’t familiar with it.

    Metric or “English”?

  2. Bev says:


    Whole milk or skim milk?

  3. Jennifer says:

    No milk? I guess skim milk since I have to pick.

    Movie theater or movie rental?

  4. maryz says:


    Hamburger or cheeseburger?

  5. Lindy says:


    Reading preference – fiction or nonfiction?

  6. Bing says:

    spaghetti or lasagna?

  7. Bing says:

    spaghetti or lasagna?

  8. Fiction (but that was a really tough choice).

    Ice: Cubed or crushed?

  9. Bev says:


    Coffee: caffeinated or de-caf

  10. Jennifer says:


    Gas or hybrid?

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