Weekend Q&A

This is the Weekend Q&A game and this is how you play:

The person before you has asked asked you a question. You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc….. You are encouraged to participate often!

I’ll start:

When choosing a hotel on the fly, at what point do you just not care anymore and pick anything?

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5 Responses to Weekend Q&A

  1. l'empress says:

    Me, hotel? Mostly, I would go with a chain I know. (Not that it does you much good, because they don’t all answer to the same authority…) I can’t remember the last time I stayed somewhere that I didn’t have reservations; the last time I stayed in any hotel was before the kids got a house with a guest room. 8)

    Hmm…what is your favorite seasoning? Extra credit: do you use so much you drown out all the other flavors, or do you prefer a balance?

  2. maryz says:

    I like to balance usually…unless i’m really just focussing on one flavor.

    When you cook, do you wash up as you go, or wait until you’re finished an do it all at once?

  3. Jennifer's says:

    As I go, usually.

    Have you paid attention to the Little League World Series?

    • Lindy says:

      We’ve seen a couple of the games on TV in a local restaurant, but have not followed it. We’re not parents, but it just seems like an awful lot of stress on those boys and my personal opinion is that they are too young for their games to be televised.

      • l'empress says:

        Yes, they’re young to have as much pressure as the pros. But I don’t watch the pros any more, and I still love the game.

        Williamsport is a bit of a haul from Connecticut, and a Connecticut team was playing. Kids on TV is kind of like FB: you really don’t like it, but it’s a way of keeping track.

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