How often do you weigh yourself?

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6 Responses to Weight

  1. maryz says:

    Only when I have to at the doctor’s office. I can tell by how my clothes fit. We don’t own a scale.

  2. l'empress says:

    The scale is broken (probably full of cat hair and litter). But it was there when I needed it, about seven years ago. My doctor insists I am not overweight, but I judge by how I feel.

  3. Bev says:

    Like Mary, only when I go to the doctor’s. We have a scale. I dust it.

  4. Lindy says:

    A couple times a week but it’s only been since I was put on the gluten-free diet and I noticed my clothes becoming loose. I carry a log of weight in my thighs and for pant legs to be loose is a wonderful, new feeling.

  5. jon says:

    When I go upstairs to the laundry room, I stop in the fitness room and weigh myself. My weight remains steady.

  6. Jennifer's says:


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