Where Are You Going Wednesday

It’s Where Are You Going Wednesday! 

This is a social game and you play it like this:

Please tell us where are you going today (in your real non-blog-about-it life, yes that one!)

Then you visit the blog of the person who commented above you. Make sure to leave the a comment for that person so they know you’re playing along!

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7 Responses to Where Are You Going Wednesday

  1. Brenda says:

    I don’t really have any plans to go anywhere today. We might head to the park if it gets too boring here. But no specific plans.

    Brendas last blog post..Punk rock or Rainbow Hair?

  2. melly says:

    Seems like I went to Target last wednesday too. That’s it. otherwise I’ll be in my sewing room.

    mellys last blog post..Indigo for a day

  3. Shannon H. says:

    Same as always…work, home, sleep :)

    Shannon H.s last blog post..Hump Day Humor: Getting Older

  4. LisaS says:

    get and fetch kid to chess camp.
    fill up car.
    fetch veggies.
    drinkys with heathah.

    LisaSs last blog post..22

  5. Kwizgiver says:

    I’m going to the car wash for exterior and interior cleaning. It’s gotten away from me this summer, some how.


    Kwizgivers last blog post..so many choices…

  6. Bev says:

    - take dogs to dog sitter at 8 a.m.
    - stop somewhere for quick breakfast
    - go to doctor’s office for blood pressure check
    - spend afternoon working on feature article due tomorrow
    - 4:30 take puppy to farmer’s market
    - pick big dogs up from sitter’s
    - pick puppy + one other puppy up from farmer’s market
    - cook dinner
    - continue working on article

    Bevs last blog post..Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

  7. Clara says:

    Receiving new quilting machine. Yeah!!!

    Claras last blog post..Wednesday Hero

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