About That’s My Answer

I started That’s My Answer in 2005, however it was called Question of the Day and it was run under Blogger. I moved the blog over to WordPress.com and then to WordPress.org where it then became That’s My Answer. I find it funny that that in May of 2014 I moved the site back to Wordpess.com. Ha!

For those who are wondering, I only changed the name of the site because I couldn’t get the .com I wanted.

question gameIt quickly became a place for fellow bloggers to come, answer a few questions, and reveal what they wanted about themselves. I’ve seen friends come and go, I often wonder what happened to many of them that haven’t checked in awhile.

In the beginning I would provide an answer immediately to my question, but I soon found that it was better if I left the question up for the interpretation of the audience. I’ve learned a lot about myself since starting this blog, and I’ve also learned a lot about people. I hope I’m a better person than I used to be.

I try to keep it light and fun here. This website survives on participation, so feel free to participate as often as you feel comfortable.